Rules and Regs listed below for your convenience.
Please email the following information if you would like to participate:

Your Name, Business Name, Phone Number, if you're a crafter, retail or non-profit. List the products you would like to sell at the market. Please be specific, do not put miscellaneous or etc. If you are just handing out information you DO NOT need a Seller's Permit. Once accepted you will only be able to sell products or provide services accepted. On the subject line of the email please indicate your name or business name. You will be notified as soon as your information is reviewed.

Click here to email your information for review.

To apply for a Seller's Permit you can Click here for Seller's Permit Information.

Food vendors click here.


You will be notified as soon as possible as to the status of your application. Jewelry and fashion accessory vendors may take longer as we have so many applicants.

  Once you have been accepted you will be emailed an application and instructions for your first night at the market.  
  If you have questions please call 928-854-1105  
Covina Application Participant Definitions, Rules and Fees

Requirements for space set up (craft area): Pop-up canopy, table(s) for display, coordinating table cover(s), 8 1/2 by 11 in. contact sign (name and phone number) placed where it can be seen by public. Lighting or electrical appliances must be pre-approved by management.Uuse the energy efficient light bulbs. Usually people use the 10 dollar lights from Wal-Mart.

State Board of Equalization regulations: You must obtain a seller's permit if you: Are engaged in business in California and Intend to sell or lease tangible personal property that would ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold at retail; Will make sales for a temporary period, nsale)ormally lasting no longer than 30 days at one or more locations (e.g. fireworks booth, Christmas tree lots, garage . The requirement to obtain a Seller's Permit applies to: Individuals • Partnerships • Corporations • Organizations • Husband/Wife Co-ownership • LLP's • LLC's. Both wholesalers and retailers must apply for a seller's permit.


Crafter Artisan

$25.00 per night
10' x 10


Participants who take raw(er) materials and create something new. Participants will be able to show receipts for inventory of raw(er) materials. No retail items are to be sold at this fee rate.
[CFM&FN has secured one city business license for the whole event and individual licenses are not required.] Seller’s permit in mandatory.


$40.00 per night
10' x 10

  A maximum of ten booths will be available for vendors who want to sell manufactured items and do not have a Covina business license. Vendors approved for these booths will be a the discretion of CFM&FN management. Seller’s permit is mandatory. All items to be sold must be pre-approved and appropriate for a Family Night event. (Larger spaces available at additional cost)

Certified Farmers   A person who has Certified Producer’s Certificate from the county where the food is grown and practices the art, science, and industry of agriculture in said county.
1.5 per cent of per market gross as fee to Southland Farmers’ Market Association. Plus .5 per cent of gross in cash or product (to be distributed to the needy) Plus 3.5 per cent of gross per night. 5% of gross with a .5% donation to the local needy OR 5.5% in cash.
Space negotiated based on variety of product(s).

Prepared Food
Pre-Packaged Food


Click Here for Information


10% of Gross

  Activities principally focused at the under six years of age group. Proof of insurance will be required, as specified below.

Covina Business'

$25.00 per night
10' x 10

  Local Business who want to sell at the CFM&FN what they sell in their retail shops. (Does not include home based business’. (Home based businesses are considered retail). Seller’s permit in mandatory.

Non-Profit Public Service, Political Advocacy   Any Non-profit, City or other governmental agency who wants to promote/educate about their particular services/opportunities. Bring your own tables and tents, lights, extension cords, etc.
(One booth, 10’x10’, will be complimentary per season, additional weeks will be $20.00 each.)
Subject to availability of spaces. Complimentary spaces DO NOT apply to food vendors.

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